50 years of Mobility Scooters in the UK


Very little has been written about the early days of the humble mobility scooter despite there being a market value of over £200 million and over 80,000 sold every year in the UK with a total of 300-350,000 in total in use (2014)(https://is.gd/RB0djw). With the market is assumed to be growing by 5%-10% per year and as interest in invalid carriages has grown, the ICR expect that likewise, interest in the mobility scooter will increase.

We are very keen on all things mobility related, and we are very excited to announce that in 2020, the ICR will publish its first publication, which will be all about the scooter. Written by our friend and colleague Stuart Cyphus, the book will chart the UK development of these hugely important and ubiquitous vehicles. Stuart traces many of the vehicles and aims to identify the production location of the first scooters.

We've got to a bit of work to do behind the scenes in setting up the publication ready for print and sale via the ICR website and other channels, so we can't be definite on an exact date, so please revisit this page for an update.

The image (1972) below shows the UK designer Lord Snowdon, with the famous actor Raymond Burr seated on a Chairmobile. Burr played the title role in the television drama Ironside, which ran on NBC from 1967 to 1975, the first crime drama to star a police officer with a disability. The show earned Burr six Emmy nominations and two Golden Globe nominations.

E&J Buggie - 1987