The ICR is able to assist in the identification of historic disability-related vehicles. We can, in certain instances, provide machine identification and dating documentation to accompany applications for registration by the DVLA in the UK which may be required for the recovery of original registrations and applications for age-related registrations. Please note that as the record of manufactured Invalid Carriages is incomplete, with many records lost, we cannot offer any guarantee. We undertake identification in order to protect the sector vehicle history and to support owners. Further, we investigate vehicles, to identify the genuine from the fake.

We advise potential purchasers to be wary of fake internet auction sales which appear genuine but are trying simply to defraud buyers. Do not purchase a vehicle in advance; only in person, and be as sure as you can be that the vehicle is not stolen.

As Invalid Carriages are renovated and updated, vehicles may need to be registered with the DVLA and to reclaim their original registration number plate number or age-related plate. We assist owners in this process, which can be complex and time-consuming and may incur either a one-off cost or ongoing charges in more complex cases which involve our specialist researchers.

Please email info(at) for more detaill.