The InvaliD Carriage Register

The Invalid Carriage Register (1995 to date) is entirely voluntary and exists to promote and conserve historic disability-related vehicles. We work with multiple partners including the heritage sector, museum curators, national press, and filmmakers. We support the public sector as well as private owners of vehicles. Issued after WW1 by the UK Government, these vehicles were initially 3-wheeled hand-powered. By the 1970s they were bright blue, 3-wheeled, and provided by the NHS. Simon Mckeown, the voluntary director of the ICR collects Invalid Carriages and related ephemera. Inspired by his disabled grandfather who used these vehicles, he has over twenty in his collection, dating from the 1930s through to the 1970s. It is believed there are just over 300-400 left in the world today. The ICR works in association with partners to bring these vehicles back to mainstream attention and its first publication is The Road to Independence, 50 Years of Mobility Scooter History which can be purchased here

We love to hear from enthusiasts and users. Please do contact with your stories, images and videos ! - info(at) - (please change at to @ -spam).

Please see the links below to find out how the ICR has secured work placements for four young graduates to undertake research and to complete 3D animations, commissioned books and worked with over 50 volunteers are associated with the Heritage Fund project 'The Carrying of Passengers is Forbidden'.

Invalid Carriage Museum

The Invalid Carriage Museum is a web based, print based and currently private museum. It is a project set up for the not for profit charity Disability Art, Culture and History (DACH) and it is working towards Arts Council England Museum accreditation. It exists to capture and preserve Invalid Carriage heritage from across the UK.

The Accreditation Scheme sets nationally agreed standards for museums in the UK. It defines good practice and agreed standards thereby encouraging development. It is a baseline quality standard that helps guide museums to be the best they can be for current and future users.

Invalid Carriage Register

The Invalid Carriage Register has been in existence since 1995. It exists to track and record all known existing Invacars, Invalid Carriages and trykes to promote and conserve these important vehicles.

We advise and support their owners, who include private and public owners including curators of museums, from around the world.

We support owners in all manner of practical concerns including identification, conservation, restoration and registrations issues.

Please email the ICR for details.

Disability Art, Culture and History

DISABILITY ART, HISTORY AND CULTURE (DACH) is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), a legal entity designed for non-profit organisations in the United Kingdom), set up in 2016 with registration no 1167102. DACH aims are specifically around disability, education and diversity with one of it's main directives is the promotion, support and conservation of Invalid Carriage history and vehicles through the setting up of an Invalid Carriage Museum as well as by running and supporting the Invalid Carriage Register. DACH is an entirely voluntary and not for profit organisation with no funds to disperse.

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